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Light Follows Behaviour

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Light Follows Behaviour

has a fresh approach to lighting design: more inclusive, more meaningful, more engaging.
Light is the powerful tool we use to change spaces and cities.

Based in London we go wherever our projects take us, because the place and its people are the most important and inspiring starting points.


We are strategic thinkers with a critical understanding of how urban design and architecture flourish through light. Transforming cities and spaces needs collective, radical approaches; so through our work we weave the disciplines of social researchers, urban planners, architects, brand designers, and (other) lighting designers.  Their knowledge, skills and experiences allow us to deliver the strategies that build unique and sustainable experiences of light.

Public Spaces

Our creativity is matched by our technical knowledge and rigour in order to realise our projects.  The delivery of a project is as important as its conceptual ideas.  If our ideas fail the needs of the community, then public spaces will not thrive.

Community Engagement

Our starting point is to listen.
We allow communities to help us as much as we can help them.  Our aim is to find out how they live and use their spaces, and what is their vision for the future.  Workshops are an important part of developing the design process.  Interviews, urban tactics, site observations, semi-permanent installations and events are great ways to create a relationship of trust.

Night-time Identity

We encourage everyone to participate in creating new nighttime identities – little by little, step by step.  It is the people who help us transform their neighbourhoods into living spaces that are defined, exciting, open, shared and cherished.

Lectures and Workshops

We love teaching because it helps us to continue learning. By sharing what we do and what we think with adults, students and children of any age, we open ourselves up to the experiences of others.


Elettra Bordonaro

co-founder, lighting designer, researcher

She is architect and lighting designer.
In 2006 she obtained a PhD at University of Architecture in Turin with a thesis about urban lighting.
She worked as lighting designer in Paris, Edinburgh, London and Milan.
She has been teaching at main universities internationally and in 2010 she co-founded the Social Light Movement.
She has a passion for art and dance, and a great interest for people and public spaces.

more info about Elettra > here

Nevena Kovacevic

co-founder, lighting designer

She is a naval architect and lighting designer.
After obtaining her BSc at the University of Genoa and MA from the University of Wismar, she is currently persuing an Executive MBA.
She worked as a lighting designer in Zurich, Oslo and London. Her experience goes from exterior public spaces to large hospitality projects.
She has a passion for travelling and crafts.

more info about Nevena > here

They say about us

Peabody has worked with Light Follows Behaviour for over two years and the team has always been impressed with how LFB engage with the community. Elettra and her team consistently demonstrate a collaborative and helpful approach with communities, with a natural warmth that engages people from the outset. Furthermore, the LFB team engage with people of all ages, from school children to the older members of the community, with empathy and respect and always ensure they have a full understanding of the issue affecting people.

Sue Forsyth, Project Manager – IMPROVE, Peabody

The Hackney Streetscene team have appreciated our association with Light Follows Behaviour over the last couple of years, especially as it related to community lighting design services in the borough. Elettra and Nevena have assisted the designers within the Hackney Streetscene team on a number of projects, including large scale public realm projects such as Hackney Central, The Hackney Fashion Hub and Chatsworth Road. I have received many compliments for work performed by Light Follows Behaviour with hard to reach Hackney residents in collaboration with my fellow Hackney Streetscene designers..

Adrian McWhinnie, Principal Engineer, Hackney Council

Some of our Clients